Going into the woods to chase a spring turkey one-on-one is one of the most difficult yet satisfying hunts one can go on. But it’s hard to beat when you go into the Spring woods with friends or family and you can share the experience together. Although hunting in small groups of two or three has its advantages, there are certainly challenges with it as well. I’m heading out this weekend to Franklin County to hunt mountain turkeys with a friend, this is a trip we’ve been planning for several months and we are both overcome with excitement that it’s finally here. All week we’ve been talking on the phone and exchanging texts about the weather and what we think the birds will be doing and it’s certainly looking like the conditions will be just right.

When hunting as a team, you have a much better chance of bagging a gobbler simply because you have multiple guns in the woods. I personally always enjoy being as close to one another as possible, so we are still able to communicate effectively, but unfortunately the terrain and foliage doesn’t always allow for that. Splitting off ten yards or so can make all the difference you need in bagging a gobbler. Be sure to sit at somewhat different angles, so that your guns can cover a broader area. We all know that birds will take strange and circuitous paths and it won’t always be on a string, thus facing somewhat different directions could ensure that one of you will get a shot off. Another great advantage of hunting as a unit is when a bird is hung up. A hung up bird is the bane of our existence as turkey hunters. The next time this happens to you and you’ve got someone with you, volunteer to quietly slip back further away from your setup and begin calling from there. This will make a gobbler think that the hen is working away from him and he’s much more likely to come and investigate in fear of letting a hen slip away. It’s never a sure thing, but I’ve seen it work numerous times.

The two biggest challenges to hunting as a team is noise and concealment. Multiple people walking through the woods will always carry more sound that when you’re by yourself. So be extra conscientious of where you are stepping and be extra light on your feet. A turkeys hearing is far better than we can even comprehend because it’s that much better than ours. When you’ve got multiple hunters in the woods that means more bodies you’ll have to hide from the keen eyesight of the wild turkey. This is particularly a difficult challenge when you’ve got someone filming a hunt. A camera and tripod stick out like a sore thumb if not properly camouflaged, so I recommend fitting a good-looking 3-D camo netting around your equipment. And as we all know, be sure to be still!

Whether by yourself or with others, it’s hard to beat being in the Spring woods. The turkeys are gobbling, birds are chirping, and owls are hooting. Be sure to check out the listing on mopva.com as there are many great pieces of land for sale with excellent turkey hunting. Our agents at Mossy Oak Properties of Virginia not only know real estate, but we know the outdoors too.

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