The land that runs through the Commonwealth of Virginia is the stage upon which many legacies are born. From the wealth of history dating back to the origins of America, to the love and passion for sportsmanship exercised through hunting and fishing and handed down from generation to generation, the land that forms Virginia is the land that forms its citizens. From the banks of the James River where the first English settlement was formed in Jamestown and the plantations that raised four of America’s founding fathers, to the battlefields of Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania and the rolling hills of Middleburg hunt country, we believe land is intrinsic in shaping the character of a place and the legacy of a people.

In seeking to conserve this land, The Wildlife Foundation of Virginia is a key player in promoting a heritage intrinsically unique to the state. The Wildlife Foundation of Virginia exists to respect and uphold the wishes of landowners, such as Mr. Lehman, in conserving the Virginia landscape against the threat of urbanization and diminishing public land access.

Land conservation goes hand-in-hand with a passion for outdoor recreation. Through extending the frontiers of publicly accessible land, The Wildlife Foundation of Virginia seeks to foster such passion by hosting outdoor, hands-on events such as our annual One Shot Turkey Hunt, where younger generations engage in hunting and fishing competitions.

We exist not only to conserve land, but to celebrate and promote Virginia’s rich sporting legacy.

Courtesy of Wildlife Foundation of Virginia