People often ask me, “what do you do?” A fair question, and one that I enjoy answering. I typically respond with something like, “I’m a land specialist” or “I’m a land broker.” And more times than not, I get the follow-up question, “what is that?” I then have to backtrack a bit and let my audience know that I am a real estate agent, but not any kind of real estate agent or realtor. There are very few people that get their real estate license to strictly get into land brokerage. Most agent work on selling homes and some dabble in both. Well for us at Mossy Oak Properties, we think, eat, and dream about land.

The advantage of working with a Mossy Oak Properties agent is one that will give you a leg up in buying or selling land. We are very in tune with price points as we are constantly looking at land that has sold. When evaluating comps, we inspect features of the property and find others that share similar qualities. Such qualities are acres of tillable-field versus acres of timber, what kind of timber, is there water frontage, access to the property, and more. This method is a systematic approach to pricing land that will sell, and not just sit “for sale.” I always ask my clients, “what are your goals as a landowner?” This is the most important question I ask because it’s my job to help my clients achieve their goals, that’s what I’m there for. If they tell me that they want the land to sell fast, we’ll price it in such a way that when a buyer sees it they’ll have to jump on it because if they don’t, somebody else will. But not every landowner is in such a hurry. Some landowners might want to test the waters and see if someone might bite on a higher price, and that’s just fine. It’s amazing the lengths that some buyers will go to when they find a piece of land that, in their minds, they absolutely have to have.

The relationship we have with our clients is certainly one of give-and-take. We work with our clients as a team, where we provide expertise on pricing and an exceptional marketing platform and our clients are landowners with goals they are setting out to achieve. I certainly enjoy working in the land brokerage business because I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many fine folks who I would never have met otherwise. Land ownership is an investment that you can see, feel, and play on, where you can’t do that with stocks. And just as there is always something to do around the house, there will always be something to do around the land to keep it tidy and clean.

One more great advantage to working with Mossy Oak Properties is our national network. With 97 offices in 25 states, we have the capability of picking up the phone and calling a colleague across the country. I recently just helped some folks here in Virginia sell their land they own in Nebraska and we are constantly working back and forth with our offices in North Carolina. We bring the advantage of helping people manage all of their land holdings regardless of what state in which they’re located because of our national platform, which means rather than having to deal with numerous companies and brokers, you instead have one point of contact that is working to achieve your goals by coordinating with expert land brokers in each area.

We are dedicated to our craft and we love what we do. That is the Mossy Oak Properties advantage.


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