Here in the 21st Century, the technology that we have at our fingertips is absolutely astounding. In just a matter of seconds, we can perform tasks that would have taken minutes in the ‘90s and hours, if not days, in the ’70s. As hunters, we have taken full advantage of the technological revolution that has hit the first eighteen years of this century. Whether looking at land on Google Earth or downloading a mapping app on your smartphone, we can pinpoint exact locations in the blink of an eye. Hunters often rely on apps such as “onX” or “MapRight” when evaluating land. These apps allow us to determine parcel boundaries, as well as identifying landowners.

The technologies we have access to goes far beyond the internet and our smartphones. In the last five years, the popularity and use of drones has skyrocketed. Satellite images are useful, but we’ve come to learn that people like more up-to-date and real-life photos that drones are able to capture. Some drones have the ability to fly miles away from the operator, which comes in handy when on a large tract of land. They are easy to fly and many have a camera that takes crystal-clear photos and videos. Just this week I used my drone to help a landowner determine where he has high ground deep in his swamp, rather than trekking our way through the cottonmouth invested waters on foot.

Agents at Mossy Oak Properties use these tools on a daily basis to perform their jobs; we take full advantage of the technologies we have access to in the 21st Century. As technology evolves, so does business. And we have certainly seen that in the last decade of the land brokerage business. Contact a Mossy Oak Properties agent today to learn more about the technologies they use and how they can help benefit you.

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