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  • Tips for Finding Shed Antlers

    Tips for Finding Shed Antlers

    The time of year has finally arrived when the whitetail buck begins to drop his antlers. While sheds can be seemingly impossible to find, some people have mastered the technique and find many antlers every year. Here are a few things to keep in mind …

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  • Creative Trail Camera Tactics

    Creative Trail Camera Tactics

    I checked my trail cameras this past weekend and moved a few of them to new spots. After removing the SD cards, I was pleasantly surprised to find a diverse amount of wildlife on film. Chances are, if you read these blog postings every week, …

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  • Realistic Food Plot Goals

    Realistic Food Plot Goals

    This time of the year can be tough for us hunters. We are currently in a lull between the end of deer season and the beginning of turkey season. To top it off, many deer have yet to drop their antlers, depending on where you …

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  • Winter Food Sources and Supplemental Feeding

    Winter Food Sources and Supplemental Feeding

    Luckily, as North Carolinian hunters, we don’t have to face many inches of snow and brutal below freezing temperatures nearly as much as our fellow hunters who live north of us. Due to the mild winters, whitetails aren’t faced with the dilemma of not having …

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  • The Original Conservationists

    The Original Conservationists

    The Bugle of a bull elk. The gobble of a roosted tom. The whistle of a bobwhite. These are all sounds created by wildlife that drives us to wake up before sunrise, brave the most extreme weather and spend endless hours waiting for a chance …

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