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Crazy for Crappie

There’s a reason that sunfish (and some other freshwater fish) are often referred to as “panfish.” It’s because they often fit pretty well going into a pan—and usually taste pretty good coming out of one. Unless, of course, you have my cooking skills. But, my (lack...

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Mossy Oak Properties at the Great American Outdoor Show

The Great American Outdoor Show is an annual event that takes place in Harrisburg, PA. The show is the largest of its kind. It lasts for 10-days and has dozens of guest speakers, hunting, fishing, and outdoor seminars, and thousands of exhibits and outfitters. This is...

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The Greatest Show on Earth – Harrisburg, PA

We’re happy to announce that Mossy Oak Properties of Virginia and Mossy Oak Properties NC Land and Farms will be at the greatest outdoor show on the planet starting this Saturday in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Due to the number of our clients that live in and around the...

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The loud, sizzle of fresh meat finding the surface of a frying pan is unmistakable. Your olfactory senses kick into overdrive, as you catch a whiff of the thick, seasoned crust searing onto the surface of your meat. The distinct smells and tastes of cast-iron-prepared...

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Infographic: Easements 101

Easements can give others a right to use your property, so it pays to fully understand how easements work, as well as the different types that are out there. What is an easement? In short, an easement is a legal right to use property. Easements can be held by...

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Jeremiah Doughty | From Field to Plate Ingredients: 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil 1 tablespoon butter 1 1/2 pounds skin-on, bone-in upland game bird pieces (all thighs or a whole cut up game bird or a mixture of light & dark meat) Salt and freshly ground...

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When I purchased 70 acres of land in central Minnesota 17 years ago my plan was to create a habitat attractive to a variety of wildlife. That included my backyard. You don’t have to own vast acreage to successfully draw wildlife with your plantings. In fact, you don’t...

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Mossy Oak is proud to offer a total of 12 episodes from two seasons of “Rolling Thunder” on Mossy Oak GO (MOGO). Spencer Halford and the Rolling Thunder Game Calls crew fit the Mossy Oak motto, "It's not a passion. It's an obsession." And the heart of their obsession...

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