The Horse Shoe – Hunter’s Paradise – 17 acres of food plots

The Horse Shoe is one of the most recognized hunting properties in Buckingham County. The property is located behind a gated entrance about 2 1/2 miles off the main road behind a gated entrance. All the land between the road and the property is privately owned. In 1993, QDM (Quality Deer Management) was started on this hunters haven. The Horse Show gets its name because the entire parcel is shaped like a horseshoe and wrapped by the Slate River providing over a mile of river frontage. In 2005, The Horse Shoe was very strictly timbered, every White Oak and Beech were not cut thus leaving food trees through out the property. The property was planted back in loblolly pines.

Two sanctuaries over 30 acres were created for the wildlife to rest. The sanctuaries are not hunted at all. There are over seventeen acres of food plots scattered through out the property so the wildlife can feed. White Oak ridges run above the Slate River makes for great natural foods sources. The food plots are planted twice a year and they are getting ready to be planted for the fall and winter with a mix of oats and clover. The food plots are on ridges, hills and along the river so a variety of land can be covered for hunting.

The QDM has been strictly followed thus producing white tail deer over 150″-160″. Only 150″ bucks or better are allowed to be taken off the property. There is an abundant amount of turkeys and black bears too. Several bears over 400 pounds have been taken off the property.

Solid based roads intertwine through out the property making it completely accessible. You can also put a canoe or kayak in the Slate River out on Melita Rd and float down the river for about 2-2 1/2 hours fishing or just enjoying the float. There is a spot at the end of the property to take the canoes or kayaks out.

If you are looking for a hunter’s paradise to take trophy deer, big bears and turkeys, this is it!  The work has been done and the deer have been managed over a 24 year period to make this a hidden hunter’s haven.

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